Charlotte Tilbury products: too expensive or nah?

Charlotte Tilbury

Every time that I see Charlotte Tilbury products, my first thoughts are golden, glowy, natural, radiant, classy and bronzed. I think this is the sort of stigma around the brand that the company want. You see this through the packaging too: golden, bronzed, classy. The only problem is, everytime I buy something from Charlotte Tilbury, my purse screams at me to keep it shut. My hand shakes as I pass my debit card over to the retail assistant. Even my debit card yells ‘noooooooooo’ as the chip is read and I slowly tap in my pin thinking what have I done.

The thing is, Charlotte Tilbury is expensive as sh*t. You can’t say it isn’t. I have four products from the brand and if I bought these all at once, it would have cost me £124. Barf! And yes – you could say there are many brands on par with this pricing. Think Armani, Chanel, NARS and YSL. Even MAC to some degree. Every makeup brand has their expensive products and their more reasonably priced products, but CT seems to be an overall pricy brand. Surely you’re thinking right now that’s enough to put you off from purchasing the products? Just go somewhere else and get similar ones. You’re right. Maybe. But I always find myself in a consistent losing battle with my debit card and Charlotte Tilbury. Why? Allow me to elaborate.

The Hollywood Flawless Filter

On Tuesday 17th July, CHARLOTTE TILBURY HERSELF REPLIED TO MY INSTAGRAM STORY!! Okay, calm. I find myself constantly recommending her products to people. Many of you ask, what’s good for a natural, youthful glow? What foundation is heavy coverage but looks natural? What cream contour will glide onto my skin and not become dry and muddy? Natural glow? Hollywood Flawless Filter. Heavy coverage but natural foundation? Magic Foundation. Silky cream contour? The Beach Stick. Everything comes back to this luxurious brand.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

I think you’re all well due a recommended products post. So, this is why I’ve chosen to do a blog post based solely on one makeup brand. The @ctilburymakeup Hollywood Flawless Filter is an absolute god send. It’s £30 (argh) from Selfridges and I use it as a liquid glow. In summer, I use this product on my bare skin. Obviously, this isn’t for everyone, but it’s beautiful on top of really light coverage foundation / BB creams in summer. I apply three blobs on both cheekbones where highlighter would be applied, a streak down the nose bridge, one blob above each eyebrow arch, one blob in the corner of each eye, my cupids bow and centre of my chin. This product comes designed like a big lip-gloss applicator. So, the application is really easy. I then use a dab dab dab technique to blend this into my skin. The results are incredible – super glowy, super natural and radiant. It brightens even the dullest looking of skin. I know this because mine looks quite dull in the mornings. The product also works well over your usually makeup routine. Heavy foundation or no foundation – this stuff works.

The Ibiza Beach Stick

OMG! The CT Beach Stick. The shade is ‘Ibiza’. The product isn’t called Ibiza Beach Stick. So this will obviously change depending on what shade you get. The Ibiza Beach Stick smells of chocolate. I swear down it seems edible. It’s a warm chocolate colour with golden shimmer in it. The product is for contouring and is so thick and creamy it’s amazing. When I saw the advert for this product I couldn’t believe my eyes. You rub this in with your fingers!!! It simply wouldn’t blend with a brush or blender. It just wipes straight off. That’s how creamy it is. So you never have to worry about them awful, clay like cream contours that stick to your skin and you’re stuck with a line of pure pooness on your face. Buff this product with your fingers and set with your favourite bronzer. These products are beautiful and I really think although Charlotte T is expensive, their dewy skin products are on that next level.

The Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder

This powder is insane. It does exactly what it is called. It provides a truly flawless finish. No exaggeration. I got this power in Medium and I use it with a flat, powder brush for setting concealer under the eye. If my bronzer ever looks slightly harsh on the apples of my cheeks, I buff a bit of this powder into it to blend it out. This powder is what made me wary of the prices of Charlotte Tilbury. This powder is £34. I think in comparison to MAC or NARS or Laura Mercier where you can get powders from £24-£30, it’s a bit far-fetched. However, if you get this product as a gift for birthday’s or Christmas, I find it’s a lot more bearable. This powder is the best powder I have used to date – and I’ve been through a lot of powders. Truly flawless, creaseless and flattering. It keeps all your makeup exactly where you want it to be.

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