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About Olivia Fishwick

My passion for makeup started due to enduring years of severe acne. I learnt the art of makeup to express myself and allow myself to feel more confident. That is when I realised if I can do this for myself, I can do it for others too.

“I want girls suffering with severe acne to be able to come to me in confidence; knowing that they are trusting a professional who has spent countless nights learning how to effectively cover acne. This way, my clients feel comfortable, powerful and beautiful, no matter what type of skin they may have.”

– OF

I enjoy doing makeup. I taught myself and I know personally how much I adore looking at other girls’ makeup: it’s inspiring, motivational and gives you great ideas for your own creations. However, everyone has some sort of reason behind what makes them love makeup; whether that be a motivational reason or just the admiration of how it transforms you. I think anybody with acne will know the difficulty of applying makeup on un-even skin. Metaphorically speaking, your skin feels like you’re drawing on tarmac with chalk, an inverted crumpet; even the bottom of one of them lumpy biscuits. It’s hard when you can’t hide an insecurity because it’s on your face.


I suffered with acne for around 7 years: starting off very mild in my first year of high school and becoming instantly cystic in later high school years and throughout college. Through years of enduring awful creams, medication and bleaching products, nothing changed – in fact, it became worse; moving onto my back, my chest, neck, shoulders and even arms. I had to start revolving my clothes around this because I wouldn’t get my shoulders or back out; so all tops had to be high-neck, turtle-neck or long sleeved/covering the shoulders.

To cut a long, tragic story short, after three courses of Roaccutane (Isotretanoin) my acne cleared: but don’t believe that this was an easy journey. After seeing your face at such a flawless state, a single flare up or spot after the medication sends you insane. My acne has returned, but is by no means as bad as it used to be. I’m thankful that my back, shoulders, neck and arms have remained clear since finishing the medication. Hopefully, this will clear up with age and I have learnt to control it.My skin compelled me to learn the art of make-up. In teaching myself how to paint my face, I progressed into an art form that I found myself in love with – make up artistry!

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