Plouise Base and Palette

Plouise Base and Palette

Hello everyone! First of all, if you’re looking at this thinking who the hell is oliviafmakeup??? I didn’t subscribe to this blog? WAIT!!! You did. This is who is now self-hosted! I have just finished migrating my subscribers today so hello everyone!

At the weekend, I received my beautiful Plouise palette and base. I recorded my first impressions on my YouTube, having not opened the palette before the video. First of all, I am speechless. I have seen many reviews about the product being ‘chalky’ or ‘dusty’ or whatever the hell people are calling it. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion when using products; however, I could only fault a couple things with these pieces.

The Palette

The Plouise palette for me was beautiful. You only need to watch my new YouTube video (link below) to see how amazed I am with the pigmentation of this palette. Fault number one: this was no one’s fault but my own. I used too much product. I literally am so used to using a tonne of product to get my eyeshadow so pigmented and blendable. SO I packed this shadow on my brush and it just would not stop blending it was so funny! I had to stop filming my video because it was blended up to my eyebrows!!!!! The red colours which I chose you do have to work with. But I do think this is the case for any red eyeshadow. It is very difficult to achieve that sort of ‘faded’ light to dark blend on your lid – especially with red shadows! I believe I chose some difficult colours for my first look but you know… go hard or go home.

The Base

COZ WE’RE ALL ABOUT THAT BASE ALL THAT BASE NO MAC SELECT COVER UP. Sorry. So, after finding out MAC select cover up is being discontinued, the makeup industry panicked in disbelief, all eyelids are now bare in desperation for a base as good. The world goes into a frenzy. What a perfect market penetration opportunity for Paige at Plouise! And not only has she brought out a new base like select cover up, but she’s bettered it, improved it and absolutely smashed it. This base is UNBELIEVABLE. When I apply MAC, it immediately creases on the eye where my lid creases. This then leads to patchy eyeshadow as the product sticks to the thick creases more than the even base. This frustrates me so much as I find it so hard to blend right. Plouise however have produced this insanely tacky base with the magician-like ability to appear dense but be dramatically light on the eye???? This is what has blown me away with this base. It left no creases and my eyeshadow blended incredibly. Fault number two: the tube is very small at 10ml. You are paying £1 per millilitre of product. However, after a teeny market research, you will soon find MAC Select Cover Up Concealer offering a 10ml tube for £16.50. So Plouise, well done for bringing out an even better quality product for almost half the price.

Overall Review:

Overall, I think these two products have taken the industry by storm. The colours in the palette are not only beautiful but all compliment each other so well which is what I love. What I mean by this is that you could quite literally use every single shadow in one look and still look great! The base as well: its consistency and ability to not crease or turn patchy is fantastic. Not only this, but the pigmentation of the shadow on top is just amazing! I just wish it was a bit bigger…

For the full product review, watch my short, 15 minute video on YouTube!

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