My 5 Year Old Foundation Brush

My Kit Co Makeup Brush Buddy

First of all, what is it?

My foundation brush is the most expensive brush I have ever bought in my life. However, I can easily say this is completely outweighed by its capabilities: long-lasting, flawless, rapid-application and even. I have owned the same brush for five years.


This brush is the MAC Cosmetics 187 Duo Fibre Brush. At £34 per brush, it’s an investment for any young person. Especially if you’re used to Zoeva brushes at £60 for about 10 brushes! Which are just as good quality, may I add.

Unfortunately, no matter what brush you put in front of me, no matter how expensive or how cheap, this brush will always come out on top for me. I cannot even begin to praise its silky application. This brush consists of two different fibres: a short, harsh black fibre, topped like icing on a cake with the short, silky white fibres. When applying your foundation, the white fibres work together to quickly spread the product across your face. One pea-sized blob can cover the entire surface of one cheek, jaw line and under-eye. Yassss you heard me right! The bristles spread apart to attack the product and wipe it efficiently across your face. This is amazing for rapid application. If you’re in a rush and you just got in from work and the girls have booked a taxi to Liverpool at 10pm but prinks start at 7pm and you’ve just walked in the door at 6pm and your mum insists you sit at the table and have tea because “you can’t go out on an empty stomach”… then this brush is the one for you! Calling all last minute girlies!!!! BUY THE MAC 187! (I’m not on commission I promise. Just tranna help a girl out).

Another subtle point that I can state in order to convince you to buy this brush is in the title. Read the title of the blog post. My five year old foundation brush. I bought this brush in Fuerteventura airport in August 2013. It’s still going now. So, to justify the awful £34 price-tag, divide 34 by 5 aaaaand you get….. I don’t know because I’m crap at maths but I know it’s under £7 a year.

In this post, I have included a link to my new YouTube video! If you skip to 11:56 exactly, you will be able to watch me talk about the brush and you can see what it looks like!

£34 to me for 5 years and counting… you can’t really go wrong.

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