A Look Back at 2016 Makeup Creations


There isn’t really much that I want to write about in this post. I just want to share with you my most recent make-up look; as well as my favourite ever make-up looks that I have done throughout 2016. If you like the look of one of my creations, there might be a link in the caption to take you to a blog post already created about that specific makeup look. I just thought it would be a nice post to share with you and write a bit about each look.

Each look is in chronological order. I just want to show people how make-up is all about practice and perfection. Some of these looks aren’t the best – but at the time I was so pleased with myself and what I’d done and it’s all about showing my progression.


I loved this look when I first did it. I couldn’t stop taking pictures I finally got some shape with my eyeshadow and some definition: something that I had been struggling with for a couple years!

Chanel eyeshadow and makeup

I actually posted about this makeup look recently. This was my best piece I’d ever created in 2016. If you want to read more about the products used in this, take a look at A juicy throwback for more information.

Makeup blogger
At the time of my 18th birthday in 2016, I went to an event called Blackpool Rocks and I had literally just been bought the Tom Ford Sphinx cream eyeshadow. I could not stop using this makeup product. It was and still is absolutely divine. I can’t even recommend it enough to ANYONE. It’s so expensive but I only use it on nights out and a year later I still have the same pot, with more than half of it left. This isn’t the greatest make-up but I was very proud at how it turned out.

Cream eyeshadow
My greatest creation of all time. This was a random night out that I could not be bothered going on but my mate Charlotte was literally dragging me out. This was a revolutionary turning point for my abilities. I had never been so proud in my LIFE. I posted this on Instagram with full listed product details a while back. That’s available at oliviafmakeup to view. I also posted a picture based blog post about this berry look and so you can see the full pictures more on berry blast if you are interested in this look.

Urban Decay and Tom Ford
Surprisingly, this makeup look is not on me. This was a look I created for prom and I loved it so much. Chloe came with no fake tan on and I was pooing myself as I only had very tanned products for me. After some mixing of foundations and pale concealer, I got a perfect shade and her eye makeup was also popping (as well as her perfect eyebrows too). I loved this look so much and it’s still one of my best looks created on a client.

Client, makeup, glitter
I don’t really have much to say about this catfish filter which makes my eyes crystal and my lips like Kylie Jenner’s. The only thing it didn’t distort was my eyebrows. It was a good eyebrow and eyeliner day and I just wanted to share that with you because any girl who loves a good brow day will feel my proudness RN.

Eyebrows, eyeliner
Some of the sharpest eyeliner I’ve ever done. Probably the best eyeliner I will ever do seeing as I hardly wear it anymore. Sharp linaaaa is available to read with makeup product details.

SO this was that time my highlighter was visible from the moon and the glitter on my eye was so strong that I could not stop looking at it for the whole night. I did not want to take this makeup off. The Urban Decay Distortion Liner is a great multi-purpose product.

Highlight makeup
So here’s a sneak preview of my Halloween looks from 2016. I am yet to make a blog post about these I just haven’t got round to it yet so stay tuned.

Skeleton, Halloween, makeup, cosmetics


Then it was this little gem. This was created a month or so back. In February or march I can’t really remember. Once again, I went over board with the glitter eyes and no wings.

And therefore behold… my most recent look which is literally an absolute overload of glitter. Using Urban Decay distortion eyeliner, Chanel shadow dust, Urban Decay Liquid Moondust and the one and only Tom Ford cream eyeshadow. This was one of the first looks I’d done in a long time where I’d tried something a bit different. But it just ended up looking like the rest lol. I think I need to come out of my comfort zone and that’s what I’m going to try and start doing with my future looks.


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