I won an Enterprise Award at University!

I won an Enterprise Award at University!

Back in January, I decided to push myself to take part in the Propeller U-Start Enterprise Award which is a business start up support group associated with UCLan. The award allows you to bring to life your business idea, or already existing business that you wish to win funding for in order to expand.

The award consists of an in depth application where I had to detail my business, my new idea, why I deserve the award, exactly what I want the grant for, the competition I have surrounding me and my aspirations for the next 6 months. If successful, you are invited to a panel of three people to pitch your business to them. Within my application, I wrote about how my business wishes to expand to the lash and brow industry, and also the makeup training market. I detailed the courses I wish to complete for my expansion and a very accurate representation of how much funding I would like to win.

I passed the application phase and began preparation for my presentation. I detailed my personal story behind why I started makeup (as many of you know this is due to my severe acne), and I began to discuss my plans of expansion. I conducted my own market research on Instagram story polls where majority of my client base is located. All questions asked whether clients wanted lashes, brows and makeup training services, and all questions received above 90% in ‘yes’votes.

It was just my luck that Monday night, two days before my presentation, I was throwing my absolute guts up. However, I thought come on Olivia, you can do it. It’s only a 10 minute presentation and a 30 minute discussion. I CAN DO THIS!!

I am so happy to announce that out of lots of other applicants, I successfully passed the application stage, and although I was ill on the day of my pitch, I am one of the winners of the U-Start Enterprise Award – with a total funding of £699 granted to me! I have booked my lash course with iLashed by Imogen and my Brow Shaping and Lash Tint course with The Beauty Academy in Manchester.


My makeup obsession started when I was 14 years old and continued throughout my teenage life after suffering with acne for 7 years. I hope to help others who suffer with their self-confidence by creating engaging online content in the form of blog posts, YouTube videos and my social media presence.

“I devote a lot of time to my clients and audience, and always want to provide good quality content and advice whilst organising this efficiently around my full-time studies”

I am over the moon to receive the grant from Propeller and see this as an amazing opportunity to support my small enterprise. The Digital Marketing course has equipped me with the knowledge of the macro-environment in which businesses operate: politically, economically, financially, lawfully and socially.

“The first year of my degree has truly set me up to be more knowledgeable about the business environment. Next year, the physical marketing and promotion of my business will be the focus.”

What an amazing opportunity UCLan and Propeller have given me. The support for small enterprise and start up businesses is truly incredible. Read my case study about me over on the UCLan website.

Olivia Fishwick

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