Overcoming ‘Instagramifications’

Exploring the detrimental impact of Instagram on young people Firstly, yes, I did just make up the word Instagramification. Or…

18 months post-roaccutane

Dealing with acne I can still remember my first day of college. Well I should be able to. It was…

A little about Olivia

Hi and welcome to my makeup blog! Here you will find such a vast amount of detailed entries about application, acne, makeup products, reviews and so much more! The focus of this blog is to explore the power of makeup artistry as a form of art, rather than the way majority of society perceive it. I hope this blog gives you a fresh perspective on beauty and I hope you love this blog as much as I do. Enjoy reading away.

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I won an Enterprise Award at University!

Back in January, I decided to push myself to take part in the Propeller U-Start Enterprise Award which is a…

Q&A with OliviaFMakeup

So recently, I’ve done quite a few Q&A’s over on my Instagram page. I’m doing this because I love love love helping…

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