£103 worth of Charlotte Tilbury Products

Charlotte tilbury products

So I went out to Selfridges the other day with the intent to purchase just one teeny makeup product with my gift card that I’ve had since Christmas. Then I spent £103 in Charlotte Tilbury.

To be fair, I did save £25 from my gift voucher: making the cost £78. But still. I will always say how expensive Charlotte Tilbury is, but the face products they provide are so unique and work to enhance your natural beauty.

The Retoucher

Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher

My mum bought me the Charlotte Tilbury KKW Lipstick for Christmas: a b beautiful pinky-nude tone that I absolutely LOVE. With this, I got a sample of The Retoucher. The Retoucher is a super light, moist and dewy concealer that has incredible coverage yet appears so light and natural. I use the Retoucher for under my eyes and on any blemishes or pigmentation on my face. This product reminds me of a mix between a concealer and the MAC Prep & Prime Lightboost. It has a little wand and a twisty end where the product seeps out into the wand and you brush onto your targeted area. The Retoucher was £25 and I got shade 2. Click the image to shop the product.

Filmstar Bronze and Glow (Sculpt & Highlight)

Charlotte Tilbury Sculpt and Highlight

I’ve eyed up Sculpt & Highlight for so long now. At a steep £49, I’ve found it difficult to justify the price. However, I finally made the plunge, my debit card is recovering and my cheekbones are popping. The Sculpt and Highlight is soooooo beautiful. The contouring shade is not too heavy. It’s nice and light and the highlight does not appear powdery or thick. Both products are very light and beautiful when it comes to keeping skin looking natural. Equally, I like how the product can be used for heavy contour, light contour, full glam looks and soft glam looks. Click the image to shop the product.

Glowgasm Beauty Light Wand

Glowgasm Beauty Light Wand

I was torn between the powdered blush, the new cream blush palette and the beach stick. Then the lady at Charlotte Tilbury pointed out a new product. When she put this on her hand oh my LORD. Shimmery, silky, peachy, smooth, creamy. AMAZING. Recently, I’ve been so drawn to more cream-based products as I’m sick of my face looking powdery. I want a natural glow and to look like I’m a bit flushed. I think it’s a really beautiful look to have. This product was available in different shades but Peachgasm stood out the most to me. I’m slightly disappointed with how little product seems to be in the tube. Not sure whether I will buy again if it doesn’t last long enough. But we will see about that! Click the image to shop the product.

I will continue to buy Charlotte Tilbury products. I absolutely love the natural beauty enhancing products that the brand creates. As pricey as they are, the quality is exceptional and I am yet to find another brand who creates such unique products for complexion.

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