Multi-purpose Products

Multi-purpose Products

Urban Decay Distortion Liner

This look is one of my favourites. 

I did this look after purchasing the Urban Decay ‘Distortion’ Liquid Eyeliner. At £15, I couldn’t really go wrong with this highly glittery and pigmented liner.

Glitter liner? You may think where on earth is the eyeliner on this? My response to that is… all over the lid.

Just because a product states that it is a liner or a lipliner or a cream shadow: use that product for other aspects of your makeup.

Examples are:

• MAC Mariah Carey ‘All I Want’ Frosted Lipstick – use as a cream highlighter base
• MAC ‘Boldly Bare’ Lip Pencil – use as a liner for the waterline of the eye
• Frequently I use cool brown shadows for eyebrows
• MAC ‘Hush’ Cream Highlight – use as a frosted lipstick
• Urban Decay ‘Distortion’ Glitter Eyeliner – use as a glitter eyeshadow


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