Pricey Lashes and Rapid Brows

Pricey Lashes and Rapid Brows

The main focus with this look was to create a really frosty, lavender glow with the MAC Soft Frost Mineralise Skinfinish. This product is great. It’s really shimmery and not too purple. It isn’t an overwhelming, dry powder that sets horribly flaky and crusty on your cheekbone. I used the product on my brow bone too. I highly recommend it  – beautiful finish and very pigmented.

So, please ignore my crappy eyebrows which I did not have time to shave. I bet people’s faces are distorted with disgust. “How the hell can this girl obsessed with make-up SHAVE her eyebrows”. Im sorry but it’s a revolutionary discovery for lazy people like myself. It’s quick, saves time, and means no watery eyes so it’s a win win situation (although they look crap like on these pictures when you don’t attend to them).

Anyway, I kind of want to do a product break down on my eye-look. The entire eye is created with Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette. I used the gold, pressed glitter for all over the lid. I find I waste a lot of this product by viciously poking my brush around trying to gather as much glitter as possible, but the best way to apply it is with a wet finger. Spray your chosen setting spray onto your finger (I use the MAC Fix+) or even water if you’re being stingy. Sucking your finger will also work if you’re poor like me and have run out of your setting spray. Then, rub your finger into the glitter and the pigmentation is surreal I promise. It seems like a very basic way to apply glitter but it always seems to pay off for me. I suppose people have their own preferred way of application. I also used the maroon shade in the palette for the crease, and the muddy-grey shade for the corner of the eye. It is a very pigmented palette and is very beautiful. Pricey, though. You pay for what you get I suppose.

Anyway, my lashes are Huda Beauty Lashes “Scarlett”. Just to put into perspective how unreal these lashes are: my friend bought me a pair of the Lana ones for my 18th birthday (April 28th). I have only just bought my new pair. I had been using the same pair of lashes for 10 months. Yes, they’re slightly pricey at £15, but girls pay around £5/£6 every single weekend for a pair of Eylure Lashes… total that up for 10 months and I’m still awful at maths so I can’t work that out but you get the picture. What’s even better about these lashes is that they’re unbelievable quality yet made from synthetic fibres and completely cruelty free. I highly recommend these lashes for everyone. Just make sure you take good care of them. Yes, they can last 10 months but only with care.

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