A Juicy Throwback

A Juicy Throwback

So here’s a throwback to one of my favourite looks that by fluke I managed to succeed with. Do you ever have one of them days where you just cba doing your makeup and then when you actually sit down to do it you find yourself thinking you’re the next Francois Nars???

Well this was one of them days. This was when I just started getting better at make-up. Yet to date, when I look back at it, it’s still one of my best creations.

I remember that I created this entire look with the MAC Warm Neutrals Palette. At the time, I paid the ridiculous price of £65 for the palette – I think now it’s reduced to £35 (sucks for me). The colours are exquisite. They’re beautifully pigmented and compliment each other well.

This is the palette: for my look I used the bottom left corner gold colour for all over the lid, the chocolate / burnt orange colour on the second row (far right) for the crease, and then I worked into the corner of my eye with the top right shade which is a dark, purple-y shade – beautiful!

Mac-palette I really loved this look. I think what I adored more was the lip combo and how well it gave me Kylie lips as I actually have extremely thin, shit lips. My lip combo was MAC Stripdown lip liner and Cremesheen Lipstick: finished with a lip glass that is now out of stock everywhere and so popular that I cannot find it anywhere to tell you the name.

I hope you like this look, more will be posted every weekend from now on. Hopefully, I will progress to videos as I have been taught with Adobe Premiere Pro and am looking forward to implementing my techniques into make-up tutorials.


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