Breaking out from the pressure

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Breaking out from the pressure • inspired by the queen @keilidhmua – to me, this look speaks volume. Firstly, the power of makeup. Oh how I love this amazing bundle of joy. Giving me that flawless finished skin and those large popping eyes. Secondly, the natural me. The me with no makeup. The me who sometimes thinks I look ugly because I decided not to wear makeup to my days in university. That day trip out when I look around at other girls and think “I should have put makeup on”. Them days where I look in the mirror and think if only I was naturally tanned. If only I had flawless, even and un-textured skin. If only I had huge lips. If only I always looked like I did with makeup on. – my point is, we are all damn fabulous whether we wear makeup or don’t wear makeup. And you shouldn’t feel pressured for a second to have to wear makeup 24/7 to be deemed beautiful. Sometimes, we Cba. It’s natural and that’s fine. Sometimes we’re not in the mood. And that’s okay. Sometimes you just want your skin to breathe. And sometimes, you just like wearing makeup on nights out. That’s okay too. Just never cower away from what lies underneath your full face of makeup. No one is destined to have naturally flawless and untextured skin – and those who do are just damn lucky. Try not to compare yourself to everyone around you. Because the more you do, the more you’ll run yourself into the ground. Love urself 🧚🏼‍♀️♥️

Product Details:

• @plouise_makeup_academy secret sinner palette and base in shade rumour
• @plouise_makeup_academy basic brights blue colour
• @tatti_lashes TL8
• @nyxcosmetics Vinyl Liquid Liner
• @urbandecaycosmetics Naked Foundation
• @maccosmeticsuk mineralise skinfinish in medium deep
• @maccosmeticsuk hush cream highlighter
• @narsissist orgasm blush
• @ctilburymakeup bar of gold trio for highlighter
• @stilauk sogno liquid lipstick
• illusion d’ombré in fantasme for corner eye and brow highlight
• @maccosmeticsuk brow gel in brunette

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